Our mail forwarding service is ideal for those business or personal clients who cannot collect their mail in person.

Mail forwarding is available and suitable for both business and personal use, included is also our Registered Office Address service for limited companies which you can use as your trading address for no extra charge, meaning less confusion for your clients, the general public as a rule don’t understand why a company’s Registered Office is different from their normal Trading Address, using Bournemouth Office Services for your mailing address solves this problem, giving your business clarity and streamlining of your business address.

Bournemouth Office Services are experts in mail handling and package forwarding. We pride ourselves on providing a fast reliable personal mailing address service to suit your individual needs.

From £25 per month.

Running a business from rented accommodation?

Are you living in rented accommodation and running a business? Most likely you in contravention of your property rental agreement and face eviction if found out, using our mailing address solves your problem & gives you peace of mind from as little as £5.77p per week (£25 a month) as all your business mail comes to our address and can be sent onto you using a clean envelope and addressed to you personally.

Expat? Need a mail forwarding service?

Many expats find our mail forwarding service invaluable, not wanting friends or family for one reason or other to care for their mail, we can filter out your obvious junk mail before forwarding your post to you.

Vulnerable Individual and need your confidentiality?

Are you a vulnerable individual and need to retain strict address confidentiality? We have years of experience with individuals just like yourself, contact us today with confidence.

Call 01202 423078 To See How We Can Help Today.

With our Mail Forwarding Service, your mail is put into a clean envelope & addressed as per your instructions, with 1st Class Postage (or as per your instructions) affixed, & then posted.

This can be done daily, weekly, or monthly as per your individual requirements. CHARGED at £25 per calendar month and 95p each time we post your mail out to you, irrespective of how many items of mail at one time are forwarded on, plus postage at cost.

A one off Deposit of £50 is required, but is fully refundable when giving a month’s notice for the termination of your mail forwarding service. Any mail that is forwarded can be sent Recorded, Special Delivery or International Signed for if requested.

If you are travelling, we can send your mail to your temporary address, so you are never out of touch with your mail.
Any junk mail or unwanted items can be held in the office for later collection or dealt with as your instruction to reduce the cost of postage if requested.

We will forward your mail to you wherever you are in the world, to your home / office / the campsite you are staying at / or another address of your choice.

We also offer a Mail Holding / Forwarding Service that many find most useful.  See details full by clicking this link ‘Mail Holding/Forwarding’. Basically we hold your mail in the office until you request it forwarded or pop in and collect it.

We provide you with an address that you can use as if it was your own.  Whether for business or personal use.

See samples of our Business Addresses

See samples of our Personal Addresses

Also available are a Mail Holding Service and a Mail Redirection Service.

When you use Bournemouth Office Services for your Mailing Address Services, you can be assured of your confidentiality.

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