Our Mail Redirection Service is a simple, straightforward, virtual mailing address service and as the name suggests, any mail we receive on your behalf will be redirected straight to you.

Bournemouth Office Services are experts in mail handling and Redirection of your letters.  We pride ourselves on providing a fast reliable personal mail handling service.

Stay in touch with your mail.  Our Mail Redirection Service is a cost-effective way to continue to receive your mail wherever in the UK you are.

From £25 per month.

How our Mail Redirection Works:

When your mail is received in the office we will redirect it back to the address you provide, this will be done by striking through the address and writing please re-direct to …. The address you provide us with and then putting the mail back into the post box.

The disadvantages of Mail redirection, is that the above only works with letters and small packets, we cannot redirect Recorded or Special Delivery Mail or Parcels. You also need to be aware that when the mail is delivered any person picking up the mail from the doormat will see it has come into our address first. If you think any of the above could cause you a problem then you might like to consider our Mail Forwarding Service, which has more flexibility and works well both for UK and worldwide clients and those who have Recorded, Special Delivery, Courier delivered post and parcels. Click here for full details of our Mail Forwarding Service or use the above tabs for Mail Holding / Forwarding Service or Mail Holding Service.

PLEASE NOTE: our Mail Redirection Service works with mail YOU have sent to our office. We do not intercept mail going to your old home address, for this you need Royal Mail’s Redirection Service.

Your mail redirection service can be set up in minutes simply complete the application form by clicking here.

The cost is £25 per month which equates to just £5.77p per week and a deposit of £25 is also payable on application, this is fully refundable provided you give us one month’s notice when you want to close your service.

Our Mail Redirection Service is available and suitable for both business and personal use, included is also our Registered Office Address service for limited companies which you can use as your trading address for no extra charge, meaning less confusion for your clients, with the general public, as a rule not understanding why a company’s Registered Office is different from their normal Trading Address, using Bournemouth Office Services for your mailing address solves this problem.

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, fast, reliable and personalised mailing address service to suit your requirements.

Running a business from rented accommodation?

Are you living in rented accommodation and running a business? Most likely you are in contravention of your rental agreement and face eviction if found out you are running a business from home, using our mailing address service solves your problem & gives you peace of mind from as little as £5.77p per week (£25 a month).

Vulnerable Individual and need your confidentiality?

Are you a vulnerable individual and need to retain strict confidentially we have years of experience helping individuals just like yourself, but our mail redirection service is NOT suitable for you, instead please click here for details of either our Mail Holding Service or our Mail Forwarding Service or Mail Holding / Forwarding Service, where you will find the mailing address service that you require.

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We provide you with an address that you can use as if it was your own.  Whether for business or personal use.

See samples of our Business Addresses

See samples of our Personal Addresses

Bournemouth Office Services can also provide a:

Mail Forwarding Service

Mail Holding / Forwarding Service or

Mail Holding

Let us know what your mail handling service requirements are and see how we can help you today.

When you use Bournemouth Office Services for your Mailing Address Services, you can be assured of your confidentiality.

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